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8mm 6x36 stainless steel wire rope

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8mm 6x36 Stainless Steel Wire Rope

8mm 6x36 Stainless Steel Wire Rope

While its 8mm diameter might make you assume that this 8mm 6x36 stainless steel wire rope is not especially strong, looks can be deceiving. In fact it has a 3,646kg WLL and is made with AISI material. You can expect great things when you use it for load-bearing and decoration alike.

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Extra Advantages of 8mm 6x36 Stainless Steel Wire Rope

When discussing stainless steel wire rope, the most important benefit is generally seen as being its corrosion resistance. This is certainly the case with this 6x36 rope, which has a surface that will not develop rust when water comes into contact with it.

This 8mm rope can be specified with an independent wire rope core, sitting at the centre of its 6x36 strand configuration. If a fibre core is preferred, for lighter weight and greater flexibility, this is also an option. The table of technical data below will give you all the info you need, or you can contact our team for additional details.

1570 (AISI)   Fibre Core 1570 (AISI)  Wire Core
Diameter KG/100M Kn  KG kg/100M kN Kg
8 23.49 33.2 3,380 26.18 35.8 3,646

Reams of Rugged Rope

Are you more interested in thinner stainless steel rope to act as an eye-catching balustrade, our 7x7 rope might be more effective than this 6x36 product. If you need rope that will not rotate during lifting operations, our 18x7 configuration rope should sit at the top of your priority list. If you want us to conjure up a completely bespoke assembly using any rope type, this is also available at Rope Services Direct.

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