5 Wire Ropes Video Clips on YouTube

Perhaps our most important product here at Rope Services Direct is our large range of stainless steel wire rope. While we’ve written many articles on our blog on its uses, benefits and applications, we know sometimes videos can better explain things over words! With that in mind, below we’ve discussed five wire ropes video clips on YouTube.


#1 One of our own

We thought it best to kick off with one of our own videos from our Rope Services Direct Limited YouTube account. The video above gives a visual demonstration of our stocks available to you as the customer.  We show the rope we have, the various constructions we can provide, and how we can supply it to you.


#2 How It’s Made

This is a useful video from the Discovery and Science Channel with looks at how industrial rope is made. It shows you the manufacturing process, talks about where it is used, as well as how it is protected against wear. This will probably be the most detailed look you’ll ever get at how wire rope is made!

wire ropes video

We have a large selection at Rope Services Direct

#3 Basics Training Video

New to wire ropes or looking for a quick video that will explain them easily to you? This short YouTube video is your answer. It examines how wire rope is constructed, with a useful demonstration video. Compiled by Convergence Training, who make Health & Safety (EHS) courses, this video is a clip from a larger video. You can view the full Wire Rope Basics course here.

#4 Clips

This video looks at one specific way in which you can utilise wire rope; with clips. Clips are an example of a wire rope termination, and are used for many different applications. It’s important that you know how to safely and securely install these rope clips before attempting to do it yourself. This video will show you the materials that you need, how to properly assemble them, how to attach them to your lifting medium and guidelines that you should follow.

#5 Assemblies – Rope Services Direct

Just as we started with one of our own video clip on YouTube, we thought it fitting to end with one too! Talking of fittings, and assemblies as mentioned above, we wanted to explain a little more on the various assemblies and end terminations that you can get for your wire rope.

The video shows the various assemblies and gives a demonstration on how they’re made:


          Soft/Loop Eye rope

          Thimble Eye using PVC covered rope

          Solid Thimble drilled/bored to suit

          Thimble Eye using galvanised or stainless steel wire rope

          Aluminium or Copper end stops

          ‘Fuse and Tapered’ or plain ends

          New wire ropes fitted with new or customer supplied hooks

          Bespoke Machined ends


Want to know more about wire ropes?

The above video clips give a small demonstration on how to use wire rope, how they’re manufactured, and how best you can utilise this piece of lifting equipment. We hope that they have helped to provide you with more information, but if you still have further questions, please just give us a call here.