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ISO Standards Relating to Wire Rope

We take great care at Rope Services Direct Limited to ensure that all of our wire ropes are reliably manufactured, have a long service life, are highly corrosion and abrasion resistant, and keep yourselves and the loads that you are working with safe. No matter how much care we might take in the products that we are manufacturing, we are still bound by, and comply with, various ISO Standards to ensure the quality of our products. Below we explain more on the ISO Standards relating to the lifting material. Continue reading

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The Importance of Lubricating Wire Rope

Ropes are manufactured in a unique way so as to have the weight of the load that is being lifted evenly distributed across multiple strands and wires. This results in increased strength and less pressure on one individual strand. However, despite this added strength, it is still important to lubricate regularly for further protection. Below we examine the importance of lubrication. Continue reading