10 Qualities to Demand When Buying Webbing Slings

Webbing slings are a great alternative to many other forms of lifting equipment on the market, but are comprised of a differing set of qualities and benefits. While they are still built with strength in mind, this is perhaps not the main reason for buying webbing slings, and so it is important to demand the best quality.

 Below we have examined 10 qualities to demand when buying webbing slings.

#1 Getting a webbing sling of the right length

 Webbing slings can be manufactured to be any length, so there is absolutely no reason that yours can’t be the exact length that you both want and need. You may need your webbing sling to be a specific length to suit a particular application, and as the machines are readily available on the market to produce specific lengths of webbing slings, yours should be the perfect size.

 We manufacture all of our webbing slings on site, so you can rest assured that you’ll be left with the correct length of webbing sling through Rope Services Direct.

buying webbing slings

Webbing slings can come in many different lengths, so make sure yours is the right size!


#2 Getting a webbing sling of the right width

As with the above, webbing slings can also be produced in a variety of widths as well. You may need a specific width of webbing sling for your particular application, so be sure that your finished product is exactly as you require.

#3 Ensure that they are sewn correctly

Each piece of lifting equipment is crafted in a different way. Although they are done using automated machines, you still want to be sure that each piece of equipment that you receive is of a high enough standard.

As you would check that all the strands have been woven together correctly with wire rope, you must demand that your webbing sling is sewn properly. Although the whole webbing sling doesn’t rely on one individual sew, it’s important that your product is of the highest possible quality.


#4 Using the right webbing sling technicians

Although the webbing slings themselves will be constructed using automated machines, it is important that these machines are operated by fully qualified webbing sling technicians. These technicians are the same ones who will be testing the quality of the finished product, and so you are well within your right to demand that your webbing sling has been manufactured by a reliable person.


#5 Ensure that your webbing sling complies with the necessary regulations

Any piece of lifting equipment on the market, and any lifting operation that is conducted, must abide to the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 (LOLER). Ensure that both your manufacturer and your finished product comply with these necessary regulations.


#6 Having a webbing sling of the correct strength

Webbing slings are universally colour coded based on the weight of the load that they can handle. Ensure that the webbing sling that you receive is of both the correct colour and the correct strength. You can see the colour coded chart here.


#7 One-offs or multiple webbing slings

Manufacturers are able to supply you with one-off webbing slings or multiple webbing slings. No matter how many webbing slings you need and no matter what size, width or lifting strength they might be, ensure that each and every one is of the same quality as those that have come before and after it.

buying webbing slings

The range of webbing slings that we have on offer at Rope Services Direct

#8 Quick delivery

Many manufacturers, such as ourselves, will offer quick delivery when it comes to you receiving your webbing sling. If a manufacturer is offering this service, then be sure that they stick to it.


#9 Webbing sling after care services

Although all webbing slings are manufactured to the highest possible quality, there is an end-date on all products. Webbing slings are designed to have a long service life, and this is something you should demand when initially purchasing your webbing sling, but there may come a time when you have a problem with your lifting equipment.

Be sure to ask what kind of after care services your webbing sling manufacturer offers should you have any problems. With our experienced team of webbing sling technicians, we would be more than happy to help should you have any problems.


#10 Ensuring disposable webbing slings comply with new legislation

One type of webbing sling offered is disposable / one-way webbing slings, that are generally only used once. Previously they had a safety duty rating of 5:1, but due to new legislation this is now 7:1.

If purchasing a disposable webbing sling, be sure to ask your manufacturer that it complies with the new legislation.


Have further questions about buying webbing slings?

If you had further questions about what a webbing sling is or what you should look out for when buying webbing slings, be sure to contact us here.



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