10 Amazing Flickr Images of Wire Ropes

We have explored the topic of wire ropes in great length on our website, particularly its use across dozens of different industries, including the construction, aerospace and mining industries.

In this article below, we have taken a slightly fresh angle, instead choosing to show you 10 amazing images of the lifting medium itself, taken from Flickr Creative Commons.

#1 Its strength

wire ropes

The above image is great for displaying the lifting tool’s resilience and strength. The rope is being run through what looks like a rope pulley, and while the pulley has stood the test of time, we can clearly see the rust and corrosion it has suffered.

The rope, by comparison, still looks as ready to function as ever!

Image credit: tanakawho


#2 The Golden Gate Bridge

wire ropes

This is one of the world’s most well-known landmarks; the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. It has a famous slight wobble, down to the fact that it doesn’t have a support structure in the middle of the bridge. (It was designed this way on purpose, don’t worry!)

Part of the reason the bridge has the strength that it does is thanks to the use of wire-based rope, which you can see from the thin red vertical lines in this image.


Image credit: Tom Hilton

#3 Golden Gate Bridge wire rope

wire ropes

This is another image of the Golden Gate Bridge, but this time displaying a fantastic view directly up the ropes that we saw running vertically in the previous picture. This gives us a much better look at just how it is used in this structure.

Image credit: Nick Harris

#4 Animals love it too!

wire ropes

If you’ve been following our blog for a while, then you’ll know that it is used in hundreds of different scenarios. One of these is shown above, where the equipment is being used as an animal enclosure. Not only is it useful, but apparently it tastes good too!

Image credit: Rick Kimpel

#5 Using rope for fun

wire ropes

The lifting tool can also be used for a great deal of fun too! Here we see it being used at an entertainment experience to provide the support experience for the user to make it safely from one side to the other. Just don’t look down!

Image credit: Loco Ropes

#6 Rope grips

wire ropes

They are highly compatible pieces of lifting equipment, great for working with multiple other pieces of equipment. In the image above, we see it being utilised with one such fitting, known as a grip, which helps to securely tighten the rope in place.


Image credit: Sean T Evans

#7 Reels of rope

wire ropes

In this image we can see one long reel that has been wrapped around a coil, how it is traditionally sold in bulk. It has a strangely mesmerising look in this image!

Image credit: tsaarni

#8 Rope for anchorage

wire ropes

The image displayed above shows the sheer strength of lifting piece. It has been combined with various other tools and pieces of equipment in this picture to provide a strong and secure anchoring point.

The dense woodland that we can see around the rope suggests that there will be plenty of moisture in this area, furthering highlighting its resilience to the natural elements and its use as a piece of lifting equipment.


Image credit: John Holm

#9 Ropes being used for cranes

wire ropes


This image here shows rope being used with cranes. Most of us will be familiar with these tall tower cranes, which are the most common instrument for helping to construct buildings around the world.

The equipment both acts as a support structure for the crane, as well as conducting the heavy lifting and lowering tasks that the crane must complete.

Image credit: Ben Sutherland

#10 Rope for elevators

wire ropes


The lifting medium is the most common tool used in lifts and elevators around the world, helping us to move safely from floor to floor.

Image credit: Andrew

Looking for more information?

We hope that the above images have given you a good idea of just how varied the equipment can be, as well as showing you a little more on how this useful piece of lifting equipment functions. If you have more questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our expert team.