36×7 Non-Rotating Wire Rope

You may have seen from our non-rotating wire rope page that we have a wide variety of this specialist equipment. While each has the same fundamental benefits and features, they can differ slightly in construction leaving a slightly different finish. Here you will find some more information on our 36×7 non-rotating wire rope.

How does 36×7 non-rotating wire rope work?

34x7 non-rotating wire ropeA piece of 36×7 non-rotating wire rope will be very similar to a piece of 36×7 standard rope, with the key difference being that the outer and inner layers are laid in opposite directions. This helps to cancel out the movement force that both of these layers will experience, essentially creating an equilibrium and a stable piece of equipment.

Non-rotating equipment isn’t needed for all applications, so it’s important that you are sure on which product you need first. Non-rotating rope can be a little less stable when it comes to friction between the internal wires. This means it will require extra product care, as well as more regular inspections.

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Do you have more questions?

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