34×7 Non Rotating Wire Rope

Welcome to the Rope Services Direct product page for our 34×7 non rotating wire rope, one of many of our popular and highly beneficial rotation resistant range of equipment. While each product within this range performs a similar function with similar function, the construction of each will lend to more or less strength, flexibility and resistance.

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Our 34×7 non rotating wire rope

34x7 non rotating wire ropeConstructed from strong and corrosion resistant stainless steel, this innovative 34×7 equipment is a product that is built to last. It’s unique construction of outer and inner layers that run in different directions mean that it is highly resistant to rotating. This is perfect for lifting operations where you need to keep movement to a minimum and completely in your control.

This type of equipment can have two or three layers, with this particular product having three. This means that it is even more resistant to rotating than its counterparts that have two layers.

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