Wire Rope Balustrades

Wire rope balustrades are a speciality of ours. Here at Rope Services Direct we stock and manufacture a wide range of  wire-rope assemblies suitable for use on balustrade kits and systems.

A wire-rope balustrade is a versatile way of  creating a barrier to prevent accidents or just to define a specific area whilst at the same time creating a contemporary feel. Choose from a variety of materials (e.g. stainless steel balustrade) to achieve the perfect style for your needs. Our versatile wire-rope balustrades make a perfect balustrade / barrier system and are commonly used on stairways, boats, garden decking and balconies.

Our range of galvanised wire-rope and stainless steel wire-rope along with numerous swaged or swageless fittings will provide an aesthetically pleasing architectural type metal balustrade design with excellent durability.

Bespoke Wire Rope Balustrades

We can create wire rope balustrades in a kit –  bespoke to you to suit your specific requirements in any design you choose, e.g. stainless steel balustrade. We offer both swaged and swageless terminations to suit the vast majority of applications whether permanent, temporary, and professional and self- assembly.

Our swaged fittings undergo a process using specialist dies in our presses; the dies are fitted into one of our presses along with the rope and fitment, then many tonnes of pressure are applied to compress the fittings to form a permanent connection. This type of connection is used for permanent rigging applications and balustrade / barrier systems, commonly using forked terminals, rigging screws, studs and eye type end terminations.

Swageless systems are ideal for semi-permanent applications and do not require professional assembly, commonly used in marine and seafaring industries where wire-rope is used in high wear operations; also commonly used by the DIY-er as it is fairly simple to change/replace a swageless fitting, all you need is some wire cutters to cut off the old, worn rope, and a couple of wrenches to secure the fitting to the newly cut end of the wire-rope. Our swageless fittings are perfect for self assembly of steel wire balustrades.