How to Measure Wire Rope Assemblies Perfectly

The wire rope that we stock at Rope Services Direct is designed to be used in conjunction with a number of assemblies, all that turn the wire rope itself into a useful piece of lifting equipment. Below we have explained more on wire rope assemblies themselves, as well as how to measure wire rope assemblies perfectly.

What are wire rope assemblies?

Wire rope assemblies are the finished product of wire rope and end termination; an assembly of wire rope and some other item or object such as a hook. Without the assembly, the wire rope itself wouldn’t be able to do much lifting or lowering!

What wire rope assemblies do you stock at Rope Services Direct?

Here at Rope Services Direct, we stock the following wire rope assemblies:

Wire rope slings

A wire rope sling is used as a great alternative to a chain sling.

Bespoke wire rope assemblies

Bespoke wire rope assemblies are similar to wire rope slings, but are manufactured with a specific purpose in mind and to the customer’s exact specifications.

Gym cables

Gym cables make up the pulley systems that are used throughout gyms to control the lifting and lowering of the weight stacks on fitness machines.

measure wire rope assemblies

Wire rope is utilised in machines at gyms

Trailer ropes / tail lift cables

Trailer ropes and tail lift cables are the strong and sturdy wire rope assemblies that are used in the transport industry to attach lorries to loads.

Winch cables

Winch cables are used for, quite simply, winching.

Crane ropes

Crane ropes are the wire rope assembly that are used within the lifting and lowering industry, and are utilised with cranes to help with the lifting of heavy loads.

How can you measure wire rope assemblies perfectly?

Obviously when wire ropes are working with such heavy loads and objects, it’s important that the assembly is perfect and measured properly. There is a good system in place for doing this, especially when it comes to bespoke wire rope assemblies.

There are two ways that we take measurements:


–          Measuring both the strand and rope under tension using certified and tensioned steel tape

–          Using reference marks, which have been predetermined, as well as a fixed gauge which allows us to position sockets accurately

We measure a wire rope’s diameter by measuring the absolute extreme outer limits of wire rope, that is the full circle, rather than only one strand; this would give a smaller dimension.

For more information on our wire ropes or how to measure wire rope assemblies correctly, get in touch with us here.



Image credit: Scott Webb