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Fibre Rope

Man Made Fibre Rope Natural Fibre Rope

Natural Fibre RopeAt wire ropes direct we are able to offer a wide range of quality rope. Our ropes come in a wide range of diameters ranging from 2mm twine to 28mm thick rope. Ropes can be made from a variety of different materials, natural rope (sisal rope, jute rope, manila rope, hemp rope, cotton) or man-made rope, (nylon rope and polypropylene rope.)

Fibre ropes are used for a huge variety of applications, from the garden (decking, plant training) marine and seafaring (mooring, towing, rigging etc.) construction and farming industries to name but a few.

Jute Twine on rollJute Twine Jute twine

An ideal twine / rope for packing, or handicrafts. Available in 1mm, 1.5mm & 2mm diameters In 75 metre balls

Sisal Twine on rollSisal TwineSisal twine

An ideal twine / rope for packing and handicrafts. Available in 1mm, 1.5mm & 2mm diameters In 75metre balls

Cotton Rope on rollCotton RopeCotton rope

A soft cotton rope ideal for packing and handicrafts, picture hanging etc. Available in 125 gms in 55 or 85metre balls Or 250 gms in 110 m or 170metre balls

Polypropylene braided twine /rope

Polypropylene braided twine braided rope on rollPolypropylene Braided Twine Rope

This rope makes ideal pull cords, i.e. lawn mowers, shower cords etc. Also ideal for picture hanging, blind cords and craft projects. Available in 1mm & 1.5mm dia. In 50 or 100 metre lengths.

3 strand manila rope

3 Strand Manila Rope on roll3 Strand Manila Rope

Commonly used rope for architectural and decorative purposes, i.e. decking rope.
Available in 6-40mm up to 220m lengths or 48mm & 60mm dia up to 110m lengths

3 strand sisal rope

3 Strand Sisal Rope on roll3 Strand Sisal Rope

Similar to manila rope in texture but lighter in colour. Commonly used for architectural / decking rope (will not last as long as manila rope)
Available in sizes 6mm-40mm Up to 220 metre lengths


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